iCompost Super

The Process will be divided in 3 parts :
- Shredding
- Mixing
- Composting
Shredder will be responsible to shred waste in to small pieces and after Shredding it will be added to icompost OWC vessel.

- Composting machine will mix through mixing blade for 10 to 15 minutes.
- Bio Culture need to be added during mixing process for balance moisture level
- Raw material of waste should be collected by plastic caret.
- Compost material should be place for 12 days in plastic Crate.

- Shredder
- Composting & Mixing Machine
- Carets with fabricated racking system for curing period Waste to compost within 12 days

  • icompost OWC is based on composting basics to convert waste in to compost.
  • less electricity consumption
  • Working hours of icompost OWC is very limited.
  • Batch system will help to increase handling capacity of icompost OWC.
  • No need to invest daily for additional micro-organisms
  • Organic fertilizer produce with good amount of nutrition value inside
  • Only 30 -35 % volume reduction within 10 days of curing period.

iCompost Super Auto

Composting is one of the most environmentally beneficial activities of modern society.
The icompost its not only a mechanical Device it's combination of device and process, which aim for the converting biological waste into quality compost at the lowest possible cost and without any manual intervention. Forced aeration and mechanical agitation, along with control conditions promotes rapid composting. Icompost can meet any stringent Environment standards which may restrict operations if we are using traditional disposal methods. With the help of icompost anyone will be able to transform biological and organic wastes into a value added product. This in turn will help in routine operation and recover some or all of its capital investment. This technology and solution based on heating mechanism for volume reduction and de-composting though "thermophilic" enzymes.

  • Fully Automatic operation without manual intervention
  • Reduction in waste bulk.
  • A rich, natural fertilizer cuts back on use of chemical fertilizers.
  • Beautifully Designed
  • Solution for all type waste specially non-veg

  • Reduction Up to 80% of Waste Volume within 24 Hrs.
  • In – built shredder can be handle all type of waste including of bones.
  • Compact Design
  • Output Removal once in every 2-3 days only
  • Low Noise & Simple operation

  • Designed for compost most of the organic Waste
  • Using thermophilic micro-organisms to convert the shredded organic waste in to compost.
  • Heating mechanism installed inside the machine to avoid unwanted moisture through shredder Waste reduce the Size for uniform heating & interaction with micro-organisms for quick composting.
  • Heat generated by exothermic reaction and Aerobic composting removes the moisture and renders dry, ready to use compost in a few days
  • All the material contact parts are in SS-304 to ensure most existence of machine.
  • Easy to operate & maintain with least manual intervention

  • Easy to install
  • Automatic operation
  • Minimal space occupancy
  • Odor free
  • No left over sludge
  • Completely safe
  • User friendly control panel
  • 75-90% volume reduction
  • No labour cost
  • Compost removal - twice a week
  • No secondary pollution
  • No waste water
  • No landfill costs
  • Low maintenance

Wet Waste: Vegetables, fruits, peels, meat, chicken, fish ,egg etc( No bones) avoid liquids like sambar, rasam, soup)

Dry Waste: Dry leaves, Garden clippings, wood chips, saw dust, paper etc


Organic compostable Solid waste

Waste processing container

Cylindrical vessel with mixer on a single central shaft


At the bottom of vessel in  the middle

Aeration Provision

Provided on the bottom & at sides

Shedder blades

50mm flats with  suitable anti-corrosion  coating

Drive between Gear Box & Mixer

Chain & Sprocket

Provision for Air circulation

2 HP Ring blower connected with 2 inch Piping


Panel board with Starters, MCBs for motor and aeration blowers with timer control and Temperature probe


Zinc Rich Epoxy Primer with enamel painting on the outer side

Process Description As mentioned earlier - Solid organic wastes will be loaded into the vessel through the top loading door along with of "thermophilic" enzymes.[culture] The culture contains microorganism which are specifically developed for this composter. These bacteria needs lot of oxygen to grow and survive with moderate moisture and temperatures higher than the ambient 37ºC (40 ºC to 60 ºC) to compost the waste with the help of air blower once the loading is and kept under auto mode, the air blower in the system comes into action providing the oxygen to the bacteria. By the metabolic Process bacteria will break the complex organic matter to simple molecules, resulting in release of energy, which increases the temperature of the waste above ambient temperature.

The inbuilt mixer and blower provide uniform aeration to all the waste materials present in the vessel, by making sure of equilibrium in the process of composting. By the aeration process the required temperature in the vessel is maintained and making sure about the fast and odour free composting process. The Process of Mixing works throughout this aeration period. The gases generated inside the vessel during the during the composting process will be directed by the blower into an air scrubbing unit which will remove all the gases and releases them back into the Environment . In the course of the early period of composting, the hydrolysis process of composting will discharge hydrolysis water from the waste. This fluid will trickle through a vent at the base of the vessel and can stored and utilized as fertilizer fluid. The process of converting waste into compost will take a minimum period of 2 days. Once the process is completed the compost from the vessel can be emptied through the bottom door and can be used as a bio fertilizer after curing.

iCompost Super Plus

ECOFRIEND(S) works on principle of aerobic composting by following three step processes.: Shredding, Dewatering & Curing

icompost– Ecofriend can reduce 50 % of volume following these steps and will make quality compost with good amount of nutritional value which can be marketable. Icompost – Ecofriend is a balanced & open-architecture model to reduce cost of machine and allow advance aerobic composting process. The body of Icompost – Ecofriend is of stainless steel or MS sheet with hot dip galvanizing to provide a long service life and reduce corrosion. ECOFRIEND includes automated auger mixing systems with positive aeration and ventilation systems for odour control.

Icompost – Eco friend can be operated as either batch or a continuous flow composting systems:

Batch Process: The system is fully loaded with material. These materials are composted as a batch and then fully discharged.

This approach works well for materials such as:

- agro waste,
- cow dunk
- horticulture waste

It's start with Pair where Two material holding tanks are will be used for daily generated waste with approx 25 days of curing.

One need to fill the first tank which allows to feed daily waste from up till 20 days . there after second tank will be in use for feeding waste for another 20 days.

Mixing system will operate automatically every 3 hours in a day. First batch of compost will be ready on 40th day from the date of first input. Second and other continue batch's of compost will be ready within 3 weeks. During this batch process Advance aerobic composting technology which convert waste in to compost within 20 days with high nutrition value through micro organisms based composting method.

Icompost – Ecofriend has integrated mixing system that allows the compost to be mixed on a daily basis (2-3hours per day). Mixing system technology provides optimum conditions for food waste composting with six distinct operating functions:

Process Flow

  • Superior Compost Quality –extremely rich, light, homogeneous, oxygenated compost.
  • Cost Effectiveness – For its size and capability, Icompost – Ecofriend is the most cost effective aerobic composting system .
  • Small Footprint – When space is restricted, Icompost – Ecofriend is ideal and very modest footprint.
  • Complete Control – icompost– Ecofriend gives you complete control of your composting process, allowing you to control temperature, moisture content by adjusting patterns for mixing, aeration and moisture addition.

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